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Our brief history, our goals & motivation

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How to work?

We carry out every production step from prototypes to custom rubber parts. When there is an order Start the production process until it is a complete result. And make delivery to you no matter which country you are in.

What is the manufacturing lead time?

Lead time for all buyers or orders. Since the buyer has placed an order or order. The lead time depends on many factors such as the type of product. Is the production process, in stock, Place of origin and average delivery takes 7-15 days or can be up to 45 days.

How quickly are you able to issue a quote?

Quotations can be replied to you by email in 2-7 days depending on the number of items required for a quote.

Do you guarantee on the provided service?

Of course, we have a quality guarantee. If the details are wrong from what was received We will implement a fair and appropriate solution. It is acceptable for all.


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